Property Insurance

Whether a small enterprise or a large business, finding the best insurance coverage for the most competitive price is the aim of every commercial property owner. It is vital that the buildings are protected against risks such as fire, floods, storms, explosion, impact damage and other unforeseen circumstances. Critically, the policy should also provide full coverage towards rebuild costs if for any reason damage is so extensive that demolition and rebuild is required.

Property insurance offers peace of mind in such situations and aside from the essential cover for damage to buildings, can extend to include additional risks such as loss of rental income (in the case of tenanted commercial property); Property Owners’ Liability providing essential cover for liability to Third Parties arising out of ownership of the property; and in some cases, payment towards any fixtures contained within the premises should they be damaged following an insured loss. Cover for general Contents will normally require the purchase of a separate insurance: so too will Liability cover for the trading/operational activities of the business.

Commercial Property Insurance can cover a wide range of property types: including but not limited to: offices; shops; malls; industrial units; factories and engineering works. Cover may be arranged either on a direct basis or through our extensive network of brokers and agents.

Each risk is different and to help select the right levels of cover and identify needs, RAK Insurance has a team of qualified, professional Surveyors who will undertake an initial survey and risk assessment: advising on any key areas that may need attention.


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