Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to give some feedback for Rhealyn and RAK Insurance in general. The prompt service I received has been the best service i have received from an insurer in a long time (including when I was a broker), the quick underwriting, Rhealyn constantly updating me and coming back to me was great customer service and to be honest huge difference to the RAK Insurance I dealt with many years ago."

Nicola M.

“Thank I have never dealt with such a kind and generous professional person here during my stay. I shall always remember your outstanding service to me. I also wish you and your family a healthy and safe life for the future. My God Bless and protect you always.”

J. Smith

“Dear Emmanuel, Motivating employees to work at their full potential is the main premise of successful management, Thank you for having such a great employee like lawrence who managed not only to understand your company’s brand, but also to understand his personal brand, who's knowledge, strive to help and address all queries and direct to the point, very good listener, and knows exactly what customer wants and how constructively can address them very well. I had such a great opportunity speaking to him this evening and happy to see a live scenario that shows outstanding customer service at RAK national Insurance. Well done. @Lawrence- Thanks for being such a great employee, you may read this email every morning just to ensure, there are people who knows exactly who you're without seeing you and customer can feels how valuable he is to you from your tone, approach and courtesy shown during the conversation, Keep it buddy.”

Mohammed E. (CX Expert & Trainer)

“Mr. MJ you have once again provided very speedy, excellent service. Thank you for your services. I look forward to continuing support from RAK Insurance for years to come. I wish all your co-workers and you all the very best in these Covid-19 times. Please stay safe.”


“Dear Mrs. Noor, I hope this email finds you well. This is to inform you know that we were happy with the services you have provided us. Also, we are happy to continue working with your company. Additionally, thanks for providing your quote,”


“Thank I have never dealt with such a kind and generous professional person here during my stay. I shall always remember your outstanding service to me. I also wish you and your family a healthy and safe life for the future. My God Bless and protect you always.”


“Dear Ms. Farah, I feel so shy now. I am even blushing here all by myself. Ha Ha Ha. It is not your mistakes, it was my own fault, I didn't check it out properly. My sincere apologies. Allow me to thank you once again for your kind, generous and extremely professional manner in which you have helped and assist me. Medical Insurance companies need more professional and kind people like yourself. I honestly appreciate it. Take care after yourself also, and especially in these uncertain circumstances. - Kindest Regards”


“Dear Ms. Sneha and Mr. PJ,
Thank you for your help and support in processing the insurance policy for my son. I highly appreciate your professionalism and care. I’m relaxed now to know that my baby is covered. Will be waiting for the card."


“Thank you very much, Ms. Farah. I can also hear that you are a very special and kind lady. It is so good to communicate with a professional person like you. I shall confirm my proof of payment without delay. Have an awesome day and week ahead.”


“Dear Mr Toni. I could get the transfer of my car done yesterday night only as you had very promptly and quickly executed the requirement and updated me on the dot. I really appreciate your superb follow up & quick execution of my requirement. But for your sincere and timely efforts I could not have done the transfer of my car today. You did a wonderful job and you deserve a loud applause. I will definitely recommend RAKINSURANCE to all my relatives, friends and colleagues especially I would like to share your name and details with them if you permit me. An employee like you is always an asset to the organization. Well done & keep up your good work which will bring more and more applauds to you and to your esteemed organization. Best Regards”

S. K. Unny

“PJ - Basma was extremely helpful, patient, and informative while assisting me with this quote. While dealing with many other insurance companies, your representation was by far the best and most professional due to Basma’s assistance and prompt response. She is definitely an asset for the company.”


“Dear Farah Thank you for your quick response it is very much appreciated. Brokers discouraged me alot to not take RAKINSURANCE due to waiting time of activation and later in clinics. I have been with RAKINSURANCE for last year and services I got from IRIS were excellent. I have retrieved and attached the medical insurance card details from your excellent app. Thanks once again. Regards “

Mr. Imran

“SALAM. Hope you are fine. Thanks alot for your co operation and efforts. Today i collected the Insurences Cards of MY Wife and Kid. i really appreciate all your Kindness from deep cores of My heart. Looking forward to be in touch with you”

Mr. Shahzad K

“I like your Customer care service really. Normally customer service just keep on transferring to the person but you guys asked what is actually the query so I can help you, that is the response coming from your side all your customer service, really really its good. Thank you”

Mr. Wasik

“Dear Shehar, I would like to put this on record that you truly know what “customer delight” is and you truly empathize with the customer. The way you have gone out of the way is simply exemplary. Due to your support, I will be hopefully travelling to India. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!! Well done”

Sonam B.