Marine Insurance

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Don't be all at sea with your Marine Insurance

Whether your cargo shipments are large or small, we can cover them all with our flexible policies.

Marine Insurance, explained

Dont be fooled: Marine Insurance doesn’t just provide cover for sea shipments: it extends to road, rail and air cargo transportation too!

Starting from point of origin and finishing at final destination, a Marine policy can provide:

Cover for loss of or damage for ships, terminals, cargo and any associated transport/cargo by which property is transferred, acquired or held 

Specialist sub-covers for Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Marine Casualty and Marine Liability

Bespoke cover for Onshore and Offshore exposed property (containers, terminal, ports, oil platforms, pipelines) as well as drilling insurance: subject to specialist underwriting

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance can be arranged flexibly to suit your specific business requirements: allowing you to only pay for what you need.

Cover generally takes the form of two bases with set criteria:

Open Cover Declaration basis which insures shipments during a specified period: each shipment must be declared to the Insurer at the time it is arranged for automatic cover to then be granted (terms and conditions of the underlying policy must be met).

Individual Shipment basis: ideal for those who only send shipments infrequently/occasionally. Each shipment must be declared prior to departure from the point of origin. Premiums charged on this basis are generally at a slightly higher rate than the Open Cover basis.

Cargo shipments are usually conducted under INCO Terms as issued by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). Risk Ownership is clearly defined in such documentation and is used for the establishment and duration of the insurance. Inland transportation can also be arranged subject to discussion with our Underwriters.

Marine Insurance to suit you ... & your budget


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Submit a Claim Quickly and Easily

Submit a Claim Quickly and Easily

You can submit your claim directly using the Customer Portal or the Mobile App. Just register for an account, locate your policy and submit the required documentation. It’s easy, quick and hassle free.

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