Complaints Process


While we believe that the vast majority of RAK Insurance customers will have a positive experience dealing with us and our representatives, it is inevitable that some complaints will arise. Where that is the case, customers should expect to have their complaint dealt with promptly and in a reasonable way.

We are committed to offering quality products and services and want to make it simpler for our customers to report instances of dissatisfaction. We aim to:

  • Ensure that all customers are treated fairly and ethically, and that issues are addressed promptly.
  •  Embed complaints principles and complaint standards across our organisation.
  • Ensure that our customer service team use sound judgment to reach suitable, consistent and timely decisions.
  • Inform customers about the complaint status and resolution within reasonable timeframes.

If you wish to submit a complaint, the process and relative timeframes are shown below.

Existing customers may also submit a complaint by accessing their online account and using the options provided.

When you contact us, we’ll gather relevant information such as your name and address, contact information, and a description of your concerns. We will use this information to fulfil our commitment to providing an efficient and fair resolution. There are also some instances whereby we will be required to share your information with third parties, sub-contractors, affiliate companies, …etc.

RAK Insurance ensures that each complaint is reviewed on individual merit and that all facts are reviewed to form a cohesive picture of the concerns raised. We aim for swift resolution of complaints; however, some instances may require additional research, and the length of the investigation may be extended. Once we reach a resolution, our Customer Services Team will provide you with an explanation of remediation and any resulting actions.

We value your feedback. Please help us to get it right every time – for every customer.

We always seek to improve our service and we therefore welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement. Should you wish to raise any comments regarding RAK Insurance’s complaints process you may raise those with our Complaints Champion at [email protected]. However, we would ask that you do not use this email to notify us of individual complaints, but please instead refer to the process above.

Regulatory Contacts

Local regulator contact information below. Please contact the respective Customer Happiness Department to escalate complaints if you feel that it the conclusion was unsatisfactory and you are not satisfied with our service.

UAE Insurance Authority

Head Office: Aldar HQ Building, 16th Floor, Al Raha beach, Abudhabi

Tel: 00971 24990111

Fax: 00971 24990111

Email: [email protected]

Dubai Health Authority

Head Office: Dubai Health Authority Building, Al Maktoum Bridge Street, UAE.

Tel (TOLL FREE): 800 342 (800 DHA)
Fax: 00971 4 3113113

Email: [email protected]