Group Health

Group Health Insurance

RAK Insurance offers you a Group Health plans that will cater for all companys budgets and needs. From a simple essential cover as mandated by law to those that require a wider range of cover and services. All our policies offer peace of mind to both employer and employee alike and are thus seen as a valuable employment benefit.

We can tailor our polices to meet your requirements and budget & our plans offer the best solutions and services with flexibility in billing options being just one customisable feature. Direct billing through a wide range of network providers is convenient in emergency situations & reimbursement of bills allows the patient to utilise their own network limited only by their geographical reach. There is a freedom of choice in scheme administration too with the Group being able to choose from either direct administration or through the services of a specialist Third Party Administrator (TPA). This last option allows individuals and organisations to have 24/7 access to medical networks with prompt, efficient responses to queries and necessary approvals.

From the smallest of networks for a limited group of employees to the most sophisticated hospitals in the region, RAK Insurance offers solutions and services to suit all your needs and requirements.

Even our basic plans include both Outpatient and In-patient care and the levels of co-insurance and co-payment (ie. proportionate sharing of costs) can be set at varying levels as per the Group’s needs. Similarly, we can customise the number of consultant visits permitted in any one period of insurance or set sub-limits against the different types of benefits as required.


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